A new scientific paper: Electrochemotherapy in Translational Medicine: From Veterinary Experience to Human Oncology

by Dec 6, 2022Electrochemotherapy

Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is a tumor treatment that, through the application of electric pulses with suitable amplitude and waveforms, favors the systemic or local delivery of chemotherapy agents. This procedure significantly increases the permeability of cancer cells to anticancer drugs, making them more effective and allowing their use at lower doses with less morbidity for patients. Its use in veterinary oncology is consolidated and it is currently adopted as first-line treatment for different cancers with successful results. In human oncology, ECT use is mainly in the treatment of cutaneous tumors and for the palliation of cutaneous metastases of malignant tumors. A standard operating procedure has been formulated. Currently, several preclinical and phase I and II studies are under way involving various cancers in humans to better define the efficacy and tolerability of this therapy. This review summarizes the state of the art of ECT in veterinary and human oncology, describing the most significant results achieved to date.

Enrico P Spugnini   Dardo Menditti  Antonio De Luca  Alfonso Baldi