Stick Probe, the new OnkoDisruptor® Accessory

by Jun 30, 2020News & Events

The new Stick Probe for your OnkoDisruptor®  Electroporator.

The new OnkoDisruptor® accessory is now available. This year we focused on the study of new technologies for the Veterinary Electrochemotherapy.

Therefore, we have developed some new accessories to improve the clinical practice, such as the new Stick Probe. It is ideal for the electrochemotherapy treatments on small and medium-sized animals.

In this article, we will want to show you the qualities of the new accessory.


Below is a first preview of the technical features of the new Stick Probe.

It is compatible with all OnkoDisruptor® electroporators models and guarantees:

  • firstly: accuracy, speed, interchangeability;

  • secondly: lightness and ergonomics for maximum operator comfort;

  • thirdly: it allows surface and subcutaneous treatments in small and medium animals.

In addition, the easy lock screw system allows the rapid change of the electrodes (needle or plate) to easily switch from surface treatments to subcutaneous treatments with a single accessory.

The Stick Probe Kit. Accessories included.OnkoDisruptor Stick Probe

  1. firstly: reusable shielded two-needle electrode in stainless steel with special resin coat insulation.

 The TWO-NEEDLE 45 S shielded stainless steel electrodes guarantee maximum handling in sub-cutaneous treatments. It is mainly indicated for on small and medium-sized animals, in cavities or in intranasals, for instance. It is strongly recommended to use the needles up to a maximum of 15 applications.

  1. secondly: reusable unshielded two-plate electrode in stainless steel with fixed center distance.

The TWO-PLATE 60 electrode has a fixed center distance (1cm² in treatment) and a length of 60mm. Thanks to the ergonomics of the Stick Probe, it is possible to face most of the surface treatments, even in the cavities.

OnkoDisruptor® electroporators with its accessories for veterinary medicine are hand-built with the highest quality standards. After that the rigorous controls and the numerous tests allow us to verify the operating stability and reliability of the safety systems on each product. In addition, this is possible even under the maximum stress conditions of the devices.

For more technical information or to order the new accessory for your OnkoDisruptor®