A new scientific paper: Onkodisruptor Electroporator and the first study on the treatment of human cancer.

by Jan 24, 2018Electrochemotherapy

Successful Treatment of a Keratoacanthoma with Electrochemotherapy: A Case Report of human skin cancer

We report the first study on the treatment of human cancer with Onkodisruptor

Keratoacanthoma in an 86-year-old patient was treated with intralesional bleomycin combined with electroporation. Treatment consisted of local application of shorty and intense electric pulses followed by local injection of bleomycin.

Electroporation was always well tolerated by the patient, with no significant complaints, and the tumor had completely regressed by day 71 of the follow-up. The results suggest that intralesional bleomycin injection combined with electroporation could represent a valid alternative therapeutic approach for the treatment of keratoacanthomas.

This article represents the first successful use of Onkodisruptor © on human skin cancer.

Our scientific department is actually defining trials on human patients with the goal to define efficacious therapeutic protocols of electrochemotherapy by means of Onkodisruptor © for the treatment of human cancer.

Read article https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs13555-018-0222-9